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The role of Owner/Manager, Chief Executive Officer, or General Manager, or Equivalent role, is one where everyone looks to you to answer their questions and help them decide the best course of action to take on an issue.

Who assists with the decision making processes of the CEO??.....read more

The Owner/Manager, Chief Executive or General Manager is often left to carry out this process for themselves on their own

o    Is it sometimes lonely at the top, in your organisation??
o    Are some decisions left unmade??
o    Are you focussing on working IN the business not ON the business??
o    Are you doing the important things in your role, or the urgent things??
o    Do you have a clear vision for the business and yourself…for say five years from now??
o    Do you have a totally confidential sounding board for your ideas?

As your Independent Business Advisor, Bruce Young will work through these types of issues with you in a confidential and effective manner, and will mentor you to ensure you establish clear goals and actually achieve the goals and enjoy the success of doing so, and develop and grow, personally and professionally

The normal process to achieve this valuable output is:

o    “One on One” meetings”, scheduled monthly, or more frequently for periods of high activity
o    Clients establishing their professional and personal priority issues s for discussion at the meeting
o    In depth analysis of these priority issues at the “One on One” meeting
o    Agreed Actions from the “One on One” meeting, documented
o    Monitoring and Assistance on progressing issues between meetings
o    Measurement of achievements at the next “One on One” meeting
o    An ongoing process of Analysis, Agreed Actions, Monitoring and Assistance, and Achievements

Bruce Young is compassionately detached from you in this process but:

o    Will ensure your professional situation and the challenges are clearly understood
o    Will be compassionate to your personal situation and your aspirations
o    Will give you the benefit of his experience to develop and agree the most effective personal and professional action plans for you at this time
o    It's then up to you to implement these agreed action plans – calling for assistance only as you feel it is necessary

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